Electricity for Life

By Voon Voo Chiw, Electrical Engineer, Research and Development Department

As engineers we are always up for a challenge that allows us to apply our scientific knowledge to invent, design, build, research, to test and to improve.

At every opportunity we get, we want to go the extra mile to push things to the limit in order to achieve the desired results or better yet, score a breakthrough to a new revelation.
So when the idea of having our short-range electrical vehicles (EVs) travel the distance on the Borneo trunk road crop up, I was gung-ho to go!

Sarawak Energy has in possession four Nissan Leaf EVs which are meant to play an integral part in the company’s learning curve to showcase the advancement of EV technology as well as to study its sustainability for daily usage in Sarawak.

I was part of the team involved in this research embarked by many other governments around the world looking towards energy efficient vehicles as a proactive measure to reducing carbon emissions.
Since their purchase in Feb this year, our vehicles have been performing well in the city. Now, it’s time to step up the game.


Early this year, the idea of using the EVs in the “Electricity for Life”, an initiative by the Sarawak Heart Foundation in conjunction with World Heart Day 2015, was conceived.

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Treasured footprints at Batang Ai National Park

By Puvaneswary Devindran, Corporate Communications

Streaks of sun rays burst through the lush green canopy of mixed dipterocarp, shedding some light upon the Pedalai trail at Batang Ai National Park.

The winding uphill battle path obscured by dense overgrowth dauntingly awaits and the broken algae-covered planked steps at the entrance did not make it easy to begin trekking on the right footing either.

The Pedalai trail begins across river.

The Pedalai trail begins across river.

Suddenly the silence of the forest grew deafening as the city slickers in us second guessed ourselves in attempting the trail.

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Resilient boatmen and the temperamental ‘Wong’

The engine of the longboats geared down as we turned the corner into the Delok River after an hour and a half boat ride on the Batang Ai lake.

There was a serene silence in the narrowed meandering tributary as a canopy of greenery sheltered us, providing pockets of sunlight every now and then through spare openings.


A group of us led by Executive Vice President of Corporate Services Aisah Eden along with the custodian of Batang Ai National Park, Sarawak Forestry, were on an expedition to witness the regeneration of Batang Ai over 30 years since the construction of the Batang Ai HEP.  

Though we were only going to be there for a couple of days, we had an itinerary with tripartite emphasis – to familiarise with the present Ulu Ai’s socio-economics, flora and fauna conservation and heritage preservation initiatives.

While we were enjoying the tranquillity of gliding on a crystal clear stream, the boatmen- two navigating each longboat- were suddenly on guard watching hawkeyed ahead.

And they had every reason to be. The dry season had caused the water level to drop creating rapids or locally known as ‘wong’ along the way. It wasn’t the treacherous kind although the force of these little rapids is enough to damage the boats if not careful.

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Keeping Up With Changes In The Hydropower Industry

By Lau Hui Seng, Engineer Corporate Risk and HSE (Environment Division)


The 2015 World Hydropower Congress at Beijing, China brought us abreast with the changes that have been taking place in the Hydropower Industry.

With technology developing at a fast pace, the evolution shaping in the hydropower industry had many in awe. From technical innovations to the socio-economic aspects as well as funding policies, it was a lot to take in from day one.

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Bario Lights Up for Cultural Celebration

By Maxbie Teo, Executive, Corporate Communications

bario_27082915_image001For the past decade, Bario lights up every July as locals and visitors flock to the highland sub-district for the now renowned ‘Pesta Nukenen’, or Food Festival.

The celebration this year was held just in time to reap the yield of a recent infrastructure development in Bario – a new solar hybrid farm generating 24-hour electricity for the first time.  The highland community had previously relied on either costly diesel fuel gen-sets for a limited number of hours each day, or stand-alone solar systems.

This rural electrification scheme development represented a significant milestone in the continuous progression of the Bario community embracing modern amenities while maintaining its strong cultural heritage and traditional values.

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Iha 2015 Pre-Congress Visit To Shisanling (Ming Tombs) Pumped-Storage Power Plant

By: Susie Nadya Anak David Asen, Joan Alicia Joseph Blandoi, Dayang Diyana Binti Abang Bohari

SEB Delegates Group Photo taking at the Upper Reservoir of Mangshan Mountain

SEB Delegates Group Photo taking at the Upper Reservoir of Mangshan Mountain

(From left: Mr. Mohd Narzam, Mr. Mohd Irwan Aman, Dr. Chen Shiun, Mr. Alexander Chin, Mr. Ting Ching Zung, Mr. Alvin Lim, Mr. Leslie Chai, Ms. Joan Alicia, Ms. Susie Nadya, Ms. Dayang Diyana and Mr. Polycarp Wong)

On 18 May, a pre-congress tour to Shisanling Pumped-Storage Hydropower Station was organized in conjunction with IHA World Hydropower Congress 2015. Delegates from SEB had the opportunity to explore the station which was set close to China’s iconic Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty in Changping District, Beijing, China. For delegates from Hydro Department, it is part of the process to gain further understanding on the fundamental principle of a pumped-storage hydropower scheme. Apart from the technical briefing, the delegates were also entertained with information on the remarkable history of China and its dynasties.

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Count Our Blessings, Not Our Troubles

By Zoee Hillson
Executive, Corporate Social Responsibility

Words of inspiration

Words of inspiration

Walking out of Monita’s house, I can’t help but rethink the little things I fret over.

It dawned on me that most of the things we tend to complain about seem so petty in comparison to what others like Monita is struggling with.

We were introduced to Monita binti Ann by officers from State Welfare Department, she’s a single mother of four living in a dilapidated house at Kampung Pulo Hilir.

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